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Our Guide to Diving in Khao Lak – What to Know

November 11, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

The waters of Khao Lak are waiting for you. The exquisite beaches with lesser crowds are perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life while the surrounding cliffs pose an exciting challenge. However, don’t stop there as you can explore the abundant marine life underneath the sea!

Here is some valuable information about diving in Khao Lak.

Diving seasons of Khao Lak

November to April offer the best diving conditions at Khao Lak. This diving season features calmer waters that are ideal for divers who wish to cruise on flat seas. May can be included in that corridor, but monsoon rains from the Indian Ocean start to intensify by this month. October is the wettest month all year, and it’s best to refrain from diving during these times.

Meanwhile, water temperature ranges from 26 to 30°C, and water clarity on dry months reaches up to 30 meters. February to April are the best months to encounter whale sharks and manta rays, while sea snakes and reef sharks can be spotted year-round. However, you will need intermediate experience to reach any of Khao Lak’s five diving sites.

Famous Khao Lak shipwreck sites

Aside from seeing the lush ecosystem below sea level, you can also enjoy any of these three shipwreck dive spots in Khao Lak. Bunsoong Wreck is just off Khao Lak’s beach shore, and you’ll see a tin ore processor boat at the seafloor. Unfortunately, the devastating 2004 tsunami broke the vessel into five parts. As a result, the destruction allowed yellowtail barracudas and porcupine fish to thrive at the mooring line. Take a visit to spot long-fin batfishes, lionfishes, and snappers as well.

Meanwhile, Bunsoong’s two sections enclose an area teeming with cuttlefish and stingrays. Be careful where you put your hands during the dive because of the lurking bearded scorpionfish. Moray eels and different morays thrive at this wreck as well.

On the other hand, Sea Chart I Wreck started in 2009 when a carrier with Burmese logs was found the ocean’s bottom. Ideal for technical divers, this wreck has a varying depth from 24 to 38 meters, and it is already home to several marine creatures. Aside from snappers and lionfishes, this artificial reef houses rainbow runners, frogfish, and pipefish. You can also explore its propeller and wheelhouse to see more schools of fish before going up.

Finally, Premchai Wreck in Tap Lamu Port features a tin dredger that sank in August 2001. While the ship is still intact, it is now lying upside down, and the depth ranges from 10 to 22 meters. Clams and hard corals have taken over the spot while fusiliers and barracudas surround the location. Juvenile fishes and mussels are attached to one of the buoy lines before they swim down and join the rest of the group.

Other diving sites

You can take an overnight diving trip to Koh Bon or Richelieu Rock. However, factor in the two-hour trip to Richelieu one-way and the one-hour journey to Koh Bon. Likewise, day trip diving is more expensive than a liveaboard because the latter option stays out while divers reach the area by speed boat. Visiting all diving sites in Khao Lak will take four days and nights.

Even if visibility is excellent, operators prefer that you have prior training for diving because of the varying site conditions. If you don’t have prior knowledge, it’s best to take a quick lesson from the diving schools in the area. Finally, Khao Lak is the ideal jump-off point for diving to the Similan or Surin Islands.

Dive into a comforting hotel

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