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Our Guide on How to Properly Prepare Before Surfing

November 8, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Surfing is a fun and exhilarating sport. Those who intend to learn surfing often start looking into how much surfing gear costs and watching videos online to learn the mechanics. However, knowing what to do and dressing up like a surfer is only the beginning.

Want to do well on your first ride on the waves? Prepare with these tips:

Before hitting the beach

Navigating the waves can look exciting on video. However, they only look easy because professional surfers devoted their time and discipline to become the best. Since surfing is a physically demanding sport, you must be in reasonable shape before attempting it. Unfortunately, there are no overnight programs that help you prepare for surfing, which means that you must train early to stay atop your board.

Basic swimming skills are crucial to surfing even though one of your legs will be attached to your board with a leash. If you’re not confident with your ability to swim, visit a nearby pool to practice your strokes regularly.

If you want to take your hobby to the next level, consider taking swimming lessons along with surfing classes. Make sure that you get your lessons from a reputable surfing school that is well recommended by former students and industry icons. These schools offer group or one-on-one lessons that come with free use of their equipment.

Once you are well equipped to ride the waves, then it’s time to gear up for the ride. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy advanced equipment. Rather, you must purchase surfing items that are suitable for beginners. Some online guides can help you gain a better understanding of which equipment to purchase. Read through their reviews so that you can discern the best wetsuit, surfboard, and surfing gear.

Ready for the waves

For your first session, look for a surfing spot that is appropriate for beginners. You can’t immediately jump to the rough waves that the pros navigate. Rather, look for a place that has gentle waves that have been weakened by deeper waters. Go for beaches with lifeguards so that someone will respond in case of an emergency.

Surfing on a crowded beach is not advised as well because the patrollers may have a hard time spotting you. However, this doesn’t mean that you must surf on your own. If you are going as a group, you still have to be accompanied by an experienced surfer to assist you.

Finally, checking the weather forecast beforehand will determine the best weather for surfing. Aim for times when the waves that are not too mild but not too volatile, which you can often get during summer.

Relax after a day of surfing

Follow these tips, and you will reduce your chances of getting wiped out. After a tiring day of surfing, come back to Eden Beach Resort where you can get a massage, enjoy sumptuous dishes, or doze off on a comfortable bed.

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