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Our Guide of the Khao Sok Safari Tour – Visiting Khao Lak

November 15, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Are you planning to pay a visit to Khao Sok anytime soon? If so, you are in for a treat! You’ll get to experience many wonderful things—from the wonders of nature to the hospitality of the locals. However, if there is one thing we should recommend that you do in Khao Sok, that is to sign up for a Khao Sok Safari Tour!

There are several tour operators in this region, but here are a couple of things that many of the experiences include:


Visiting Locals

The best thing to start your tour with is a visit to a local school by bicycle. The local schools are filled with friendly and fun-loving children. Don’t forget to take out your camera and snap plenty of photos, as they love it when you do so!

After playing with energy-filled children, your next stop will be at a local farm. There, you’ll get to see plenty of farm animals, like chickens and pigs, and learn how to raise them. You’ll get to visit another farm later on. Instead of livestock, however, the farmers here grow mushrooms and will teach you all about cultivating them.


Exploring the Monkey Temple

After learning what the locals have to share, be sure to stop by the Monkey Temple, where you’ll see plenty of monkeys running around, jumping, and playing on the ground and the trees. Hold onto your hats, or you’ll be in for a wrestling match before you can finally make your way back to the resort for a fulfilling lunch.


Taking in the Views

As you sit back and relax after the morning’s tour, take some time to do nothing but stare at the wonders of nature that surround you. Sit in awe, but don’t forget to sip on your tea while you listen to the sounds that fill the air!


Starting a New Day with a New Ride

You can’t visit Khao Sok without paying a visit to the national park. Chances are that you’ll venture to the Cheow Larn Lake in a van, where the day’s adventure starts in with a boat ride.

On the boat, you’ll get to look at scenes and vistas that the lake area has to offer. Couple that with an informative yet humorous guide, and it is sure to be an experience you will never forget. When that’s all done, you’ll make your way to floating bungalows, ready to offer you a one-of-a-kind place to take a break. If you still can’t get enough of the wonders of the lake, kayaks are available for your pleasure.


Exploring Khao Sok on Foot

Are you still itching for more adventure? Hop back into the boat and head straight for a jungle trail, where even more adventures await. Although it can get quite challenging, the trek itself is exceptionally rewarding. From taking in the stunning scenes of Mother Nature to enjoying cool waters of the waterfalls to exploring a beautiful cave, there is plenty that’ll keep you exclaiming “wow!”.


We hope that we’ve given you a great idea of what amazing experiences await you within Khao Sok. Bring your friends and family, or come here solo. Whatever it is that you do, we guarantee that you will have the time of your life. Good luck and enjoy Khao Sok!


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