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What to Do in Khao Lak

Juli 12, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

There are many fascinating beaches in Thailand, one of which is the amazing Khao Lak. It is situated in Southern Thailand’s Phang Nga Province. It is a great travel destination known for its 30 kilometer-stretch of sand along the Andaman Sea. You can expect nature’s beauty in Khao Lak given its majestic beaches, marine creatures, and warm ocean. You can also expect many spas and massages, upscale resorts and pleasant accommodations, as well as shops, among others. If there’s one thing that Khao Lak is known for, that is being a top diving destination in Thailand. Unlike other renowned diving meccas in Thailand, however, Khao Lak has a diverse culture and beautiful nature. Therefore, there are many things to do in this nature’s paradise. If you are clueless and don’t know what to do, here are five great things to do in Khao Lak.


Explore the Beaches

Khao Lak is the best place for you if you want to have a long stroll along the pristine beaches. Yes, there are several marvelous beaches along the Andaman sea, given the long stretch of 30 kilometers. Two of the famous beaches that you might want to visit are the Pak Weep Beach and White Sands Beach. You can undoubtedly bask under the sun and enjoy a perfect swim in the sea water. Aside from the beautiful settings, you can also try plenty of eateries around.


Enjoy the Waterfalls

Next on the Khao Lak list to tick off are the waterfalls. Yes, there are plenty of waterfalls in and around Khao Lak. The closest among them is the Tong Chong Fa waterfall. You can enjoy this secluded idyllic place and swim in its refreshing waters. You can also try to visit the other waterfalls in the area such as the Ton Prai Waterfall. It is one way to keep up with the nature theme that Khao Lak has to offer, apart from its usual beaches. That being said, the waterfalls can make a great deal of difference in your itinerary in Khao Lak.


Have a Glimpse of Turtles

Another thing to explore   the lovely gentle creatures called turtles. To do so, you can visit the Royal Thai Navy Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery located about fifteen minutes outside Khao Lak. This nursery has various pools where the turtles are rehabilitated. Should these turtles manage to fend for themselves, they are then released back into the wild. Another turtle sanctuary option is the Thai Muang. It is about 40 minutes away from Khao Lak, operated under the Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development department. Here, they care for eggs laid at local nesting sites. They also rehabilitate sick and injured animals.


Drop by Spas and Massages

Spas and massages are common in the Khao Lak area. If you want to unwind, what better way to do so than to drop by a spa and get a relaxing massage? Why not? There are many great spas offering massages and other relaxing treatments within the vicinity of Khao Lak. We know how Thai massages have ancient roots. One good thing about these spas is that they incorporate both western pamperings with Thai healing traditions. What a great combination and a perfect way to relax!


Have Nature Tours

Given that Khao Lak is in the middle of a tropical paradise, there are many natural options at your disposal. When it comes to nature tours, you can get plenty of trips – from running to national parks to trying river rafting down to other outdoor activities. Among many others, you can visit the famous Khao Sok National Park. In Khao Sok, you can indulge in jungle trekking, rafting, and even Elephant trekking. You can take both day and overnight trips where you can enjoy the nature that Khao Lak has to offer.


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