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Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Spa Experience in Khao Lak

Juli 12, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Going to a spa is a great way to relax. If you need to recharge your batteries due to pressure, stress, tension, or anything that burdens the body and mind, you would do well to pamper yourself at a spa. Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent client, here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your experience will be worthwhile:


Do your research and check reviews.

Before going to a spa, do some research on it. Find out what types of services are available and how much they cost. Look up reviews of the specific spa you’re planning to go to and check for consistencies. See if they’re for every branch of the same chain, or if some individual therapists stand out from the rest. You should also check for customer complaints and see if you can find out how the spa’s management resolved them. Doing research ahead of your appointment can be rewarding, and it can help you figure out if the spa you’re going to is one of the good ones or not.


Know the policies.

Spas have different policies when it comes to things like cancellation policy, deposit, etiquette, price, tipping, and treatment description, among others. Knowing a spa’s policies ahead of your visit will guide you on how to conduct yourself in the spa and how much money you should set aside for various services and tips.


Take a tour of the facilities.

If it’s your first time in a salon or spa, request a tour of the facilities once you arrive. See if it meets your expectations in terms of facilities, hygiene, professionalism, and quality. However, be mindful not to disturb other guests when you’re touring the premises. Spas generally want to protect the privacy of their customers, so you should be careful not to cause any disruptions. You would not want to be inspecting the place at the expense of other people’s privacy. If you want to hold an event or ’spa-rty‘ in this facility, take the time to ensure that it meets your requirements.


Make reservations to avoid being waitlisted.

When you’re in a hotel or resort that offers spa services, call for a reservation, This will give the facility enough time to prepare in between guests, and it will keep you from having to wait in line. While there’s nothing wrong with being waitlisted, per se, it’s still better to know exactly what time your treatment of choice will take place.


Don’t be late for your appointment.

Most spas will usually suggest you arrive at least thirty minutes before your appointment. This will give you time to put your stuff in a locker and take a shower or visit the steam room if you want. There may be times when your turn might not start on time due to adjustments made by the clients that came before you. Don’t be shy to follow up when this happens. In case of such delays, some spas will try to make amends by offering free add-ons such as facial treatments, paraffin treatments, or nail work. They may even give you a discount to make up for the inconvenience.


Check for hotel packages or special rates.

When you’re staying at a hotel or resort, and you’re offered spa services, ask for packages or discounts for stay-in guests, which may not be available to walk-ins. This is a bonus for being billeted in the same building or place.


If you’re a spa newbie, level with your therapist.

There’s a first time for everything, including going to a spa. Don’t be shy; tell your therapist that you’re a newbie or you have limited experience when it comes to spas and treatments. This way, your therapist can tell you all about the different treatment options and what they entail. Once you know more, you won’t have to worry about the process. You’ll just have to enjoy what happens.


Speak up if you feel any discomfort.

If at any point during the session, you feel any uneasiness, pain, or discomfort, let your therapist or technician know right away. The spa is meant to be a relaxing experience, and your comfort is the most important thing, so don’t suffer in silence.


Thank your spa therapist or technician.

The therapists or technicians are trained to give you a relaxing or rejuvenating experience. In case you like the one assigned to you, you may request for the same person to attend to you on your next visit.  


Leave a review of your experience.

To guide other clients who may be planning to go to a spa, giving an honest review of your experience will help others decide which one they want to go to. If your experience is consistent with other reviews received by the establishment, this is a good sign of the facility’s quality. If you did not have a satisfactory experience, your review will tell the management what they can do to improve.


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