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Places to Visit at Khao Lak in 2019

August 14, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Wondering where to head in Thailand to spend your next holiday? Looking forward to a great adventure filled with fun and excitement? Look no further. Khao Lak’s beautiful beaches have attracted thousands of tourists every year, with hundreds on location every day. Located in Southern Thailand, Khao Lak is a lovely choice for those wanting to escape Phuket’s busy streets.


Anyone going for sight-seeing will be rewarded with fantastic landscapes complete with mountains and the ocean views. If you’re looking for activities to do, Khao Lak has plenty of choices for you.


The place is lovely all year round, especially during non-rainy seasons. Water sports are also a specialty of the location, and zoos and sanctuaries allow any animal-lover to enjoy the wildlife. Need help deciding what to do when you visit Khao Lak? Here is a quick list of the places that you can visit:


Khao Sok National Park

For those thirsting for an adventure, Khao Sok National Park is the place for you to go. Stretching over 285 miles, Khao Sok National Park has plenty to offer. The biggest attraction of this park is its population of the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia Kerrie. If you cannot see it, you will surely smell it. Apart from this, the wildlife consists of tapirs, deers, elephants, tigers, cats, and many other animals perfect for the curious. Khao Sok also boasts one of the oldest and most beautiful rainforests. If you want to visit this place, make sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. The area is kept relatively as wild as possible for the most authentic experience.


Lam Ru National Park

Lam Ru National Park park is filled with birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Butterflies also populate this park. The park offers a beautiful crystal blue lake with its sandy beaches and gigantic rocks on the coastlines. If you’re looking for a place to hike, Lam Ru is famous for this activity.


Tong Chong Fa Waterfall

Just four miles away from Bang Niang, a few waterfalls populate the area. If you can climb the steep trail, you will be rewarded with a beautiful waterfall. If you’ve always wanted to try a fish foot bath, then you’re in luck. Experience the tickling yet satisfying sensation of tiny fish nibbling at your foot, treating yourself to an all-natural spa. Fancy yourself a bath with elephants? You can do that in this waterfall. If you’ve brought your kids with you, they too can enjoy this enjoyable experience.


Khao Lak Discovery Elephant Trekking

If you’re looking to experience nature in its glory, why not take an Elephant for an adventure? Enjoy a full day of sight-seeing and wandering atop an elephant. If you are looking for something else, take a ride on a bamboo raft for an enjoyable time. Suit up and get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life!


Whether you want to relax by the ocean or head deep into the jungle for an adventure, Khao Sak has everything that you need! So plan your next trip to Southern Thailand, and bring your friends and family. Everyone is guaranteed to have the time of their lives.


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