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7 Beaches of Khao Lak That Offers Natural Beauty

August 27, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

If you’re in Khao Lak, you know that the place is famous for its beautiful beaches. Surrounded by the stunning Andaman Sea, travelers from around the world flock to Khao Lak to enjoy its long beaches, smooth sands, crystal blue waters, and captivating natural scenes. About 30 kilometers long, the coast of Khao Lak holds many different beaches, each of its own paradise. Are you looking for the perfect beach for your holiday? Here are seven beaches you should consider visiting for your next trip!


1 – Nang Thong Beach

With its yellowish-golden beach and mesmerizing atmosphere, Nang Thong Beach will impress its visitors. It has this postcard-feel to it and is one of if not the most popular beach in Khao Lak. Surfers also love this beach. Along the beach, you will find bars, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities that will cater to all your needs. Although busier due to its location being very close to the city, this place is still worthwhile.


2 – Bang Niang Beach

Also one of Khao Lak’s famous beaches, this place offers excellent restaurants and hotels. Along with that, it has a yellowish-red sandy beach, which will catch anyone’s eye. This is the place you want to be if you’re going to capture beautiful sunsets. Snap a picture during the golden hour, and you will not forget the sense of awe that falls on you. If you want to stay here, La Vela Khao Lak is a unique hotel, offering you a pure holiday experience.


3 – Sunset Beach

Located south of Khao Lak, Sunset Beach is named for its beautiful sunsets. Quieter and more isolated than other beaches, this golden-sanded beach is a great place to sit back and enjoy your favorite drink while enjoying the moment with your family. Walking down south will bring you to the beach’s viewpoint, perfect for your next Instagram post.


4 – Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach looks visually different from any other. With its bright sands and towering palm trees, many visitors believe that this place is the most beautiful beach of them all. Despite its popularity, it remains a quiet and peaceful place. During the day, the waters will shimmer with turquoise colors. Similar to White Sand Beach, this beach is located up north of Khao Lak and is apart of the Pak Weep Beach. Accommodation is also offered here, ranging from cheap, to exclusive!


5 – White Sand Beach

Found in the same place as Coconut Beach, White Sand Beach is one of Khao Lak’s most well-known beaches. The sands here shines bright and white, as the name implies. During the day, enjoy a drink while in awe of the stunning scenery. Being one of the best of Khao Lak, it is a beach you cannot ignore.


6 – Khuk Khak Beach

Khuk Khak beach consists of two beaches, Khuk Khak One and Khuk Khak Two. Both are beautiful and are also one of the most stunning beaches Khao Lak has to offer. Enjoy the stunning scenery as you stroll down the beach. They offer a myriad of restaurants as well, a place worth visiting.


7 – Lak-Lam Ru National Park

Situated very nearby Khao Lak village, the national park also boasts a gorgeous beach. With a short 10-minute hike through the jungles, you will uncover this gem of a place. If you come early, you might even have the place all to yourself! With its stunning natural beauty, this is the beach you must keep in your must-visit list.


Enjoy Khao Lak at its finest. Bring your friends and family, or enjoy the beaches with your better half. Whatever you choose to do, you will create memories that you will never forget.


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