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5 Things to Know When Choosing the Perfect Resort

August 7, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

There are many types of resorts catered to different preferences. Whether you’re in to relax or experience exciting new things, there is a resort for you. Need help with picking the best resort for your next vacation? Here are some tips you can follow to do that.


Location is Important

There are choices between a resort in a nearby town or city or an excluded resort deep in the country-side. If you don’t mind spending your evening in a resort with its entertainments or perhaps want a more quiet place, an excluded resort might be your thing.

If you need more than what a resort can offer, maybe one located in a busy area can provide you with more activities and entertainment.


It’s All About the Money

Expensive resorts tend to draw an older crowd, while cheaper resorts usually draw the younger people. Generally, the younger groups tend to party more than the older folks. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to relax, spend a bit more and chill out there in a country-side resort. People who stay there are usually out for most of the day and only come back to rest in the evening.


Inclusive Vs. Exclusive

Do you want to pay one price for everything? Or do you want to head out and purchase your own things? All-inclusive resorts are usually more worth your money if you eat and drink a lot. They offer many different services under one price. However, if you don’t drink alcohol and eat very little, an all-exclusive resort might be for you. Be wary that you may end up spending much more when you go out.


The Bigger, the Busier

Some resorts can be filled to the brim, while others are a little more vacant. Depending on the season, staying at a big resort may mean no empty spots for you on the beach. People who go there tend to play the “beach chair game” where they go very early in the morning and place their towels on the chair to save that spot for hours at a time.

Not only is this rude, but usually against the rules in most resorts. However, this is still prevalent and widely practiced. If you don’t want to bother with such a thing, a smaller resort is where you should stay.


Kid-Friendly Resorts

Most resorts, including all-inclusive resorts, offer all types of activities for kids and older folks at no extra fee. Activities like kayaking, surfing, and other non-motorized sports are usually available. A boat ride is even free if you choose to go out for snorkeling. More prominent resorts also offer kid clubs.


This “club” is a place where you can let your kids stay under the care of a babysitter while you relax on the beach. Another added benefit of more prominent resorts that there are way more activities for your kids to do, keeping you relaxed while the kids are busy.


Wherever you choose to go, keep these tips in mind. Make your next trip to the perfect resort, fit for you and everyone else.


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