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5 Great Destinations in Khao Lak Your Entire Family Will Love

November 8, 2019
Eden Beach Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Khao Lak has transformed over the years from an unknown coastal town to a tourist hot spot due to its tranquil beaches. Aside from the pristine shores, the Khao Sok National Park and the Similan Islands are just some of the attractions that will keep visitors enchanted for hours.

If you’re traveling with your family, here are five activities for everyone to do while enjoying some privacy in this natural haven.

1. Visit elephants by the sea

Though elephants may seem out of place in the sea, they are not so in Khao Lak. The Elephant Seaside Retreat has transformed from allowing tourist rides to taking care of these royal creatures. Visitors go through a crash course on elephant protection before sharing light moments with these precious creatures. The young children will enjoy feeding these animals with bananas before giving them a scrub during bath time. You can also take part in enriching the sanctuary by planting new mangroves before enjoying a serving of tea and coconut pancakes.

2. Go bamboo rafting

Prepare to feel nostalgic once you travel down the stream using a bamboo raft. These natural gondolas will ferry you through the Khao Lak River as you spot wildlife in the surrounding rainforest. Unless you are scared to get wet, there’s nothing to worry about because you will be transported by experienced navigators through tranquil waters and bubbling rapids alike.

3. Learn more about sea turtles

Aside from elephants, Khao Lak also preserves the population of sea turtles in two sanctuaries, one of which is inside the base of the Thai Navy’s Third Fleet. Around 1800 turtles of various sizes and breeds are housed in this facility, and they are released when they are big enough to survive in the ocean. If you’re in Khao Lak between March 1-10, you can even help release the sea-ready turtles during their Turtle Festival.

4. Cook like a Thai

Thai food is globally renowned due to its rich flavors and captivating aroma. Not only can you taste this sumptuous cuisine but also learn how to cook these dishes as well. Pui is the best cooking school in town because you get to join in buying the fresh ingredients you will cook. After the market experience, you will learn how to prepare the dishes and share the finished product with fellow students.

5. Visit the tsunami landmarks

This paradise was ravaged by the 2004 tsunami that swept through the east coast and killed around 4,000 people. Landmarks are mounted throughout Khao Lak in memory of this tragic natural occurrence, including the Baan Nam Khem Memorial Park, wherein the names of the deceased are displayed. This is an excellent reminder of the perils that environmental degradation can bring, especially for the younger ones who will inherit this planet.

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